Workshop - Water in Circular Economy

A special workshop entitled “Water in Circular Economy” was dedicated to the MonGOS project (NAWA) on 9th December 2021 (in English), during the second day of the 2nd International Conference: Strategies toward Green Deal Implementation – Water, Raw Materials & Energy.

During the workshop, top-level experts in circular economy and water sector professionals have presented the following topics:

  1. Marzena Smol, Mineral and Energy Economy Research Institute, Polish Academy of Sciences: Management of water and wastewater in the circular economy – basic information on the MonGOS Project,
  2. Michał Bodzek, Institute of Fundamentals of Environmental Engineering of the Polish Academy of Sciences: The use of nanoparticles in water and wastewater technology,
  3. Karolina Kmak, Schwander Polska: Reuse of water – production of artificial snow in the winter season and irrigation of green areas in the summer season,
  4. Marco de La feld and Giuseppe Salvio, ENCO S.R.L.: A circular economy approach to turn wastewater into added-value products in agriculture,
  5. Arek Stachurski, Nijhuis Industries Central Europe Engineering Support & Services: Water reuse from industrial wastewater in practice,
  6. Bartosz Łuszczek, Cracow Waterworks: Recovery of phosphorus from waste generated in municipal wastewater treatment plant – INTOPHOS project,
  7. Arabel Amann, TU Wien: Sustainable strategies towards phosphorus management in Austria,
  8. Klara Ramm, EurEau: Importance of education and key competences for the implementation of CE in the water and wastewater sector.

All presentations from the MonGOS workshop were included in the Book of Abstracts which can be downloaded from: